What we offer to Dealers...

  • Excellent quality products and new, bold ideas to be added soon to our package.
  • The opportunity to climb the hierarchies of our retailers pay, with the chance to enjoy even more benefits
  • Full assistance from our team and to Regional Director of sales
  • Promotional materials
  • A culture of openness and encouragement, always ready to listen to our dealers to make our products even better and more saleable
  • Training programs to make you a pro even more capable

Your Contribution

  • Your local network, already, one (or more) of the following sectors: Furnitures, health, services and human resources
  • Sales oriented and business minded can identify large and small sales opportunities in your area
  • Extensive experience in the business
  • The ability to sell services
  • The ability to create, improve and implement your business
  • Dealing AzConcept is really a scalable service that allows us to focus on sales in each region. We have seen grow rapidly the demand with respect to products and services so we could hire more staff in our company. We have a team at Headquarters for assistance and we are delighted to work with them and with you

Reseller hosting:
what features and earning opportunities

Your business with many customers might start thinking about a new way to gain, becoming dealers to resell AzConcept to your customers a high quality product at a reasonable price and affordable, directly with brand. Obviously, in order to channel into a business like this, you have to first find the customers. On the Internet there are many proposals to this effect, but who are beginners in the field must learn to discern the different opportunities based on some basic criteria that affect the quality of the service offered by the provider and consequently the quality that you will turn to its customers.

Reseller hosting: space and bandwidth available

Another feature that cannot be underestimated is the total space available in addition to the need to check how much bandwidth is included in the resale plan, so you can count the number of clients that can be served at the same time. From these qualities, then, depends on how many customers you can accommodate. Sometimes, this number is limited by contract, and this limit is stated in the offer. Other times, this number is not fixed, but depends on the plan you intend to offer to its customers and the technicalities of the resale contract signed.

If you think that the number of customers could soon increase, you must verify that the provider supports upgrading to a reseller hosting plan more full-bodied, to add space and bandwidth depending on the business needs.