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Azienda Italia (Pvt) Ltd
325, Agalawatta Road
Wettawa, Matugama

The service industries in Europe for 40 years, gave me varied skills and the ability to work with many different people in several countries.

We respect the values, principles and professionalism, we are conscientious people who works hard and pays attention to details. what I have noticed in the country is the lack of opportunities to purchase the right product at the right price.

1. Offering a service before purchasing, helping you in choosing the best product for your needs,
2. During installation, we assist every operational step carefully ensuring the functionality up to turnkey,
3. After purchase, service assistance and guarantee of the products, through the best producers of certified raw materials.

On this experiences and principle together with my brother Wasantha Kumara, we thought that we'd offer a range of products for home furnishing with a new concept, currently not very popular in the country, complete furniture including household appliances. We are keen to work with great reputation and high profile; we always preferred to look the activity with different points of view with right attention to change.

We will be able to help our clients with various living solutions, advancing and coordinating through our partners, who ensure the modern and efficient furnitures bringing to your house the European touch and standards, ensuring to your house excellent place to live.



AzConcept was born in 2016 in Eastern Europe thanks to the idea of showing to the foreign markets, not only the "Made in Italy products" but also the "idea" behind the Made in Italy concept.

No more a simple consumer but an important partner for the working out of a product able to interpret all the nuances of a market.

AZ Concept relies on a robust number of consolidated experiences in various production fields.

The strength of this idea is providing the final consumer with a "turn-key furniture solutions".

Italy is our land, and inspires us to conceive a product that expresses our culture to the utmost. The excellence of Italian production is expressed through a quality furnishing creations.

Our Mission

The mission of AzConcept is to render "engineer able" any kind of request in the sector of furniture.

A highly qualified in-house staff of designers,  engineers and designers is the heart of the  company. Thanks to the 3D design software,

environmental rendering, photo post-production, technical design and management.

The Company encoding is capable in a few hours to provide its customers with a concrete  response to his idea or sketch.

We are able to produce furniture according to the customer’s request, thanks to the wide range of support materials, surface finishes (veneer or melamine), lacquered (glossy, matte or hammered), fabrics  (washable, fireretardant), surface print serigraphies.

An highly qualified in house staff is managing system enables us to:

  • Flexibility - capacity of satisfy any kind of market request;
  • Specialization - thanks to the company system divided on the Divisions;
  • Competence - high level of technical development of ideas on every Division;
  • Optimization - fast response to the request and immediacy in the displaying of solutions;
  • High production capacity (10 x 40'HC containers/day, 10.000 square meters of panel/day, 4.000 square meter/day of laquering)

Quality and Safety

Thanks to a qualified staff and high efficiency / flexibility machinery such attention to detail and was introduced in the industrial cycle and can be found in every single product, packaged and  sealed by the brand.

AzConcept has focused its attention on the concept of quality and on product safety, which it assesses in relation to its end client and location of their use.

All accessories and fitting parts are certified and tested to ensure the highest level of safety and durability.

What is the difference between
MDF and MFC?

MFC stands for ‘Melamine Faced Chipboard’ and the vast majority of office furniture is manufactured with this material. There are a number of thicknesses used, but typically the industry standard is 25mm thick. Some budget ranges are 18mm thick.

MFC has come a long way since the cheap flat pack furniture from the 80s and is now a lot more resilient and hardwearing. Today’s MFC can be used to create very modern looking kitchens with its printed wood grain on a melamine film that forms the face and edges of the chipboard. Essentially MFC is either of a real wood grain, which is repeatedly printed onto a Melamine film, and heat processed onto a sheet of chipboard.

The German kitchen marketing is renowned for producing excellent quality kitchens and you may be surprised to know that over 90% of German kitchens use MFC for the kitchen base units as well as the kitchen doors.

These panels can then be used to make furniture – and it’s used in desks, workstations, cupboards and pedestals. The colours available vary from factory to factory. MFC is available in a large number of plain colours as well, and special finishes too.

MDF, or Medium Density Fiberboard, is a kind of particleboard that is made from composite wood. Specifically, MDF is made from wood waste (specifically the fibers) that are glued together using either heat, resin or pressure. Originally invented in the 1960s, the usage of medium density fiberboard has expanded into all areas of construction. MDF is a very versatile building material that can be used in a variety of applications. This includes making cabinets and mouldings. MDF’s characteristics include being smooth and resistance to warping.

While similar to other compressed products, such as particle board or hardboard, MDF board offers superior qualities.

MDF has a very smooth texture mainly because wood fibers used in making the MDF are also smooth and fine. MDF also takes well to painting. Putting on a primer and a couple of coats of paint will leave a nice finished surface, which does not happen with other composite wood products. MDF also has minimal reaction to moisture. This means MDF will not warp or swell when used in environments that have a high humidity.